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Why BD Services

Well, why not? If you have any music industry questions like these; I might be just what you need?

Why would I need a publisher? What is a publisher? How do I get paid for my song? What is a performing rights organization and why in the heck do I need one? Is my song commercial? Can I get a superstar to record it? Do any of those questions sound familiar to you?

Now, I’m gonna ask you a question.

What do bands like Coldplay and an artist like Lady Gaga have in common? Well first, a lyric that fits the song and says something in a new way. Secondly, a melody that works well with the chord structure as well as surprises you but is still familiar. Lastly, a top line pattern that is interesting and creates emotion.

So why am I talking about questions?…Because I can help you.

I can share the answers and what I’ve learned from hit makers in Nashville on these topics, so you have tools to get your songs in the top 100.


Let me straighten out your learning curve, so you can get to where you want to go faster!

Providing Song critiques
Songwriter 101 consultations
(on publishing, outlets, the biz side)

Work for hire: melody top line & guitar

Bill DiLuigi
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